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comprehensive technical integration

Latest Projects:

The independent Research & Development Department is responsible for work in the following areas:

1. Partial solutions concerning vehicle autonomy,
2. Solutions in the low-current area,
3. Solutions in the high-current area,
4. Development of new forms of design clusters for commercial vehicles.

The R&D consists of engineers specializing in electronics, IT, robotics and mechanics, who have completed specialist commercial and technical training courses. The team also involves graphic designers and technicians providing service background.

The main tasks of the R&D Department are:

  • Development of information visualizations for drivers, operators and engine drivers on the displays (measurement of: vehicle, engine, additional equipment)
  • Creation of firmware
  • Solving problems related to hardware programming or displays
  • Designing and implementation of electrical wire harness – based on CAN solutions
  • Adaptation of ready software
  • Production of interfaces and controllers
  • Supporting of design, technology and engineering offices, IT departments of external companies as well as our Support for OEM

Devices manufactured by R&D:

  • for its own projects,
  • under specific clients needs (so called “tailor-made solutions”),
  • specific products for research – from creation of electrical wire harness, electronic boards, interfaces, controllers to PDUs.
We provide:
  • our offer fills the gap among the specific technical solutions missing from the market,
  • compatibility with other products,
  • good price-to-benefit ratio, even in small amounts
  • use of high-quality components,
  • use of sub-suppliers’ experience with certificates, e.g. RoHS, etc.,
  • compliance for EMC compatibility, declaration of conformity for CE marking,
  • quick response to comments reported by contractors (thanks to our own design and production),
  • readiness to start production from small quantities.


  • heads devices – lead by Drabpol service or service centers that belong to the Autrorized Service Centers network,
  • air conditioning units for rail vehicles – a comprehensive range of services
  • FAP driver’s workplaces,
  • Displays
  • components of vehicle electronics
We provide:
  • high quality of services based on the standard established by Drabpol company and exceeding the procedures of device manufacturers,
  • 100% maintainability of the delivered devices.
Due to:
  • access to manufacturer’s documentation,
  • specialized test equipment built on our own,
  • the ability to simulate the device’s operating environment
  • use of the high-quality tools,
  • experience resulting from many years of practice,
  • access to original spare parts,
  • high quality of services resulting from the use of appropriate procedures,
  • tests in the climatic chamber and on the vibrating table.

Adjustment of FAP driver’s workplaces and displays supplied by Drabpol, at Drabpol headquarters, to the needs of a Receiver.

We provide:

  • quick implementation of changes to the order specification introduced by the customer,
  • possibility of implementing small-volume solutions that cannot be offered by the main supplier,
  • quick correction of mistakes made by the ordering parties,

Due to:

  • we work on specialized equipment provided by the device manufacturer,
  • the equipment control procedures after modifications have been worked out and implemented on the basis of factory standards,
  • Drabpol has stock levels that ensure the availability of the necessary elements.


Members of R & D Departments conduct trainings in Drabpol’s Training Department, for:
  • constructors, designers, IT specialists,
  • service technicians,
  • end users.
We provide:
  • experience based on numerous trainings,
  • knowledge supported by regular internal trainings conducted for Drabpol by our sub-suppliers,
  • transfer of knowledge based on practical training experience of the trainers,
  • flexibility and good training organization focused on customers’ needs and satisfaction,
  • teaching aids and fully equipped training facilities,
  • many practical tasks for the training participants.


creation of software in the field of low and high voltage solutions:
  • made by us on request,
  • carried out jointly with clients’ construction departments.
We provide:
  • possibility of programming devices before shipment to the contractor,
  • getting a ready solution for installation on the vehicle,
due to:
  • experience and knowledge obtained directly from the suppliers of components ensures high reliability
  • thanks to the comprehensive solutions (hardware + software) Drabpol’s offer is the most advantageous,
  • wide contacts with the manufacturers of other key components (motors, gear boxes, braking systems) make the system integration easier.
  • Drabpol has an extensive database based on experience gained in numerous completed projects.


From the very beginning, apart from its VAR character, Drabpol company has been responsible for distribution of products of its subcontractors. In this regard, Drabpol chooses cooperation with each of the contractors on the basis of individually created distribution policy dedicated to specific products.

Authorization of sales as an authorized seller, service as well as granting rights for system integrators takes place through the training process, purchase of appropriate equipment and software, constant knowledge update, as well as further equipping with necessary SDS tools and demo products.

By 2019, Drabpol has trained and granted authorizations for dozens of companies from the OEM sector, hundreds of partner service centers and over 450 internal trainers for end users. The scope of the above referred to both tachographs, air-conditioning,
installation of various types of sensors, as well as maintenance of ATG articulation systems for buses (since 2017).

Consulting, based on:

  • knowledge of the market and current trends,
  • knowledge about: market opportunities and its expectations, both in the
    field of serial and unit production,
  • standardization – starting from electric wire harness, through the
    interfaces and ending with printing various forms on 3D printers.

Presence on the automotive market for over 35 years and specialization in the field of electro-electronic-mechatronic-programming elements allows us to offer tailor-made solutions based on analysis of contractor’s parameters such as:

  • project goal
  • investment budget,
  • technical possibilities,
  • size of an order,
  • engineering background.

We can:

An audit carried out on the basis of the above parameters allows Drabpol to evaluate the project, including determining the best solution in a given budget range, or to discourage taking action.

Design services:

Design of dedicated information that can be presented on 4”, 7”, 10” and 12,3” displays. Everything can be programmed in different languages in order to meet specific requirements of the OEM contractor, including personalization corresponding to the OEM brand or dedicated purpose of the display
We provide:
  • development of an individual design of cluster pattern,
  • finding, together with the vehicle designer, a solution that would be the best and most convergent for the vehicle manufacturer,
  • reliability and legibility of information,
  • compliance with quality standards
Thanks to:
  • a team consisting of designers and IT specialists who know dedicated software,
  • a response to the latest trends and market requirements through the permanent development of our engineers in the field of design and specific knowledge concerning software,
  • services on the highest level thanks to our team of constructors who know the requirements of automotive and aviation markets,
  • we validate our software on the basis of international quality systems and our own strict standards that have developed over the years.

HV integration (e-mobility)

Electric powertrain systems

The scope of works offered by R&D Department covers also integration of powertrain systems. We base on components of our partner – TM4 company (Dana), such as: electric motors, inverters, controllers with the managing software.

Each of these devices has been developed and manufactured directly by TM4 (Dana) company. Both the devices and software have been created to optimally use the potential of each device separately, as well as the entire system. Thanks to the full range of products adapted to different sizes of commercial vehicles, we can meet expectations of even the most demanding customers, by offering them dedicated solutions with the most efficient return on investment (ROI).

Since TM4 company (Dana) does not provide the full range of electrical equipment for vehicles, we choose the missing elements from the offer of recognized and proven suppliers. Such equipment reaches our offer only after receiving the R&D Department’s quality mark.

The scope of D & S services includes:

  • analysis of contractor’s requirements and selection of optimal main and additional elements of the system,
  • development of high-current system architecture and the method of components connection,
  • development of software for managing the entire system,
  • adaptation of the system to cooperate with the on-board electronics managing system,
  • verification of operation and validation of the system,
  • preparation of technical and service documentation,
  • support in the certification and approval process of the vehicle and on-board devices,
  • optimization and system parameterization according to the end user’s expectations,
  • providing diagnostic software,
  • training of the manufacturer’s personnel in the field of equipment installation and OEM integration
  • end user training on service and device diagnostics.

The key issue here is a software based on Matlab and Simulink environment, used in developments of the largest global manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Another addition to these base elements is the Synapps system overlay, that is a TM4 proprietary project. The whole is complemented by a set of program libraries suited to different vehicles and levels of programming knowledge of the manufacturer.

Matlab / Simulink

Matlab / Simulink software is a key element that after entering the Neuro200 controller, compatible with the ISO 26262 standard, manages the powertrain system through a number of automation devices.

Thanks to cooperation with the on-board electric control unit, we deliver a system that manages the entire vehicle in a safe and proven manner.

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