2021: A Year in Review

How did the year 2021 look like in our company and the markets in which we operate? How has the pandemic affected us? What have we achieved, and what obstacles havewe faced? We asked the Director of Research & Development/ HQ Managing Director – Mr. Michał Sitek.

We entered 2021 being fully aware of the existing obstacles and potential risks, which may negatively influence the realization of the set objectives. The more we are pleased that we managed to fulfil them in 100%.If we add to this the pandemic imposed challenges and difficulties that affectedthe organisation and utilization of working time, both in OEM support and in new projects, we can be satisfied with the results.

The year 2022 is a continuation of this process and realization of a long-term strategy, based on the extension of the engineering staff. In addition to high qualifications, our team has the extensive, non-substitutable experience gained in demanding projects and innovative implementations. The above competence combined with the established reputation as a reliable supplier of services and components has led us to participate in a number of projects related to the construction of vehicles, both for Polish and foreign customers.


Michał Sitek - Drabpol R&D

Development was rapid but planned. Thus, the standards of service and  cooperation, both in commercial and technical areas, remained at the same high level. Each Customer and his project is treated individually, in the way that suits the best to the defined needs. The fact that we are reliable and stable partner was particularly demonstrated by our activities in 2021. The outbreak of  pandemic, against all fears, didn’t hamper our cooperation with the existing partners on open projects but on the contrary – it has taken it to a completely new level.
Mostly thanks to the flexible approach to challenges. The fact that people could not meet in-person, due to the lockdown, forced us to take up new challenges and new forms of cooperation. In retrospect, we may say that our team has adapted well to the new realities and we managed to create a new model of cooperation with Contractors and Partners that is much more effective for both sides.

The difficult time of the pandemic has shown that regardless of the prevailing global situation, geographical location and other aspects, our efficient team of professionals is able to bring every project to the end. Moreover, our team is able to leave behind a well-functioning group of trained contractor’s employees who can cope with the further demands of the market.

We are currently completing projects running in parallel on several continents. In addition to designing low voltage (LV) installations, focused on the KIBES system, an important part of our activities involves advanced works in the field of high voltage systems (HV). As a part of our support to Contractors we are able to hold the entire project from the beginning to the end.



Our offer involves identification of Contractor’s needs, arising from the product assumptions, traction simulations, motor selection, development of the high-voltage systems architecture, consulting on auxiliary devices or accessories, depending onthe application.

In addition, we design comprehensive vehicle installation diagrams, for the mentioned LV and HV systems. This includes all aspects of this process, such as creating a number database for wires, fuses, relays, instruments etc., which are essential for the creation of diagrams and the executive designs of wire harnesses, and even support in the ordering process. Our most advanced services involve functionality development and system programming, according to the homologation standards and regulations applicable to electric vehicles,
additional devices and traction batteries.

At the same time, we try to stay ahead of market needs, giving the example of the adaptation to the most demanding vehicle safety and software standards, such as ISO 26262 (Functional Safety), or UN Regulation No. 155 on cyber security and security management system or another UN Regulation No. 156, on software updates. We cooperate in this regard with leading international companies and institutions.

Due to the fact that the works on projects are in progress and have confidential nature, it is too early for us to share more details. I encourage you to follow the next editions of our magazine, where we will keep you informed about the novelties developed in cooperation with our R&D department.

What we can do:

– Development of the architecture of the electric powertrains management system
– Preparation of the electrical balance for the electric powertrains system and related auxiliary systems
– Selection of high voltage components and additional equipment depending on the application
– Create a topology of an electric or hybrid drive system based on Embeded App
– Development of management software for an electric or hybrid vehicle
– Integration of electronic systems in the vehicle
– Design connections between the systems on the vehicle for the correct exchange of data and interaction between the systems
– Selection of parameters for electronic on-board systems
– Determination of operating parameters, calculation of current loads, etc.
– Design vehicle wiring diagrams
– Creating a database for the numbering of wires, fuses, relays, devices, etc. necessary to create a diagram and designs of cable harnesses
– Design wiring harnesses for electrical installations
– Preparation of construction drawings of cable harnesses for the entire vehicle or its part



– CAN communication design
– Analysis of communication matrices for correct data exchange and creating new communication for new systems
– Design the KIBES system software
– Init & diagnostics of the KIBES system on the vehicle
– Comprehensive customer service in the field of technical arrangements, design, assembly and prototype commissioning
– Participation and assistance in the installation of cabling and devices on the customer’s vehicle
– Participation and assistance in starting the vehicle
– Creation of PLC software and graphic designs for the needs of clients for Instrumental Cluster
– Design of integrated circuits
– Experience in remote work supported by practical recommendations of several dozen clients