Building competences is a long-distance run, based on experience. Seeing the environmentally driven wind of change in the automotive market, Drabpol started working over 10 years ago on consistently shaping a portfolio of services and products that contribute to environmental protection and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. During this period, we have left a strong footprint in the commercial vehicle segment, including buses, trucks and special-purpose vehicles. Such a long period of development, combined with investing significant funds in research and development, resulted in building a portfolio of services and products that not only keep up, but exceed market expectations. We are proud of our leadership position in electromobility, but we do not stop pushing forward.

Comprehensive solutions and new challenges

Over the recent years, we have had the opportunity and pleasure to cooperate many times as general vehicle integrators with many partners in almost every part of the world, designing electrical  installations, selecting and parameterizing complete motor drives, launching battery systems, charging stations and controllers, vehicle management systems and much, much more. There were combustion, hybrid and strictly electric vehicles. Recent years have been characterized by dynamic development of hydrogen technologies.

Hydrogen technology is extremely demanding and the symbolic bar in this case was set very high. Hydrogen as an energy carrier is extremely tempting. In the energy production process water vapor is a byroduct, refueling is many times faster than charging the batteries and is a very good way to significantly increase the range of electric vehicles. It took time to find a business solution using the operating philosophy described earlier a partner who will provide competitively priced, functional and qualitative components of hydrogen systems, sharing our vision of long-term cooperation. In this way, we have established a strategic partnership with the Canadian manufacturer of hydrogen cells and systems – LOOP ENERGY.

LOOP ENERGY’s reputation and experience in the field of hydrogen technologies have made that this company is an ideal candidate for implementing joint projects. Advanced technologies such as the patented eFlow architecture allow for reduced consumption of hydrogen, which is so expensive these days, by up to several percent compared to the leading competition. At the same time, serviceability, reliability and durability combined with even 10 times better uniformity of current density result in such frequent choice of solutions LOOP ENERGY for new customer projects. The level of technical support is also important. The developing H2 technology constitutes a major engineering challenge, which is why DRABPOL and LOOP ENERGY have joined forces to provide commissioning assistance at the highest possible level.

Michał Sitek – HQ MD, Research & Development Drabpol Dept. Director

Functional Safety

Technological development also poses challenges in other aspects, including security. In the automotive industry, recent years have seen intensive development of electronic solutions on many levels. There are systems supporting the driver’s work, checking his concentration and keeping an eye on his “blind spot” or driving track. Vehicles are becoming autonomous at various levels. As a result, the emphasis was placed on Functional Safety, defined in the ISO 26262 standard.

This standard defines different levels of security depending on the risk involved with a given system and imposes requirements regarding risk analysis, process planning and development software and verification and validation. Having the pleasure of collaborating on the implementation international contracts, also in this aspect Drabpol kept up with customers expectations on two levels: software, adapting to the requirements, and hardware, offering FuSa Ready devices, such as the advanced OpenECU M580 controller from the DANA portfolio. This ECU, in addition to the rich configuration of inputs, outputs and extraordinary computing power, is ready to meet the requirements of ISO26262 at ASIL D level.

We are proud of numerous projects on the international market, both high-level ones in complexities as smaller ones, but equally important from the clients’ point of view. We bet on a long-term partnership and we are pleased with the trust and satisfaction of our OEM partners. Projects with our participation increase competitiveness and innovation, and this translates directly on sales and satisfaction of our partners.

We know that our cooperation with OEM customers will continue to develop and our ability to meet requirements and expectations will remain a key element of our mutual success.


40 years of experience

Four decades of great commitment, hard work and consistency are not only a period of developing engineering competences. This includes, in particular, expanding our product range and carefully selecting partners to ensure the quality, competitiveness and modernity of the solutions we offer. The automotive industry has been characterized by a very fast pace of development for years, so a lot of attention is needed to ensure reliability and effectiveness when delivering innovative devices. Different clients have different needs and this is our portfolio. One thing is common – we rely on the best and the best rely on us: Continental – the best driver workstations, displays and unrivaled multiplex systems), Dana/TM4 with reliable drives, Loop Energy offering above-average efficient hydrogen cells, Curtiss-Wright with an assortment that is impossible to describe in one sentence or Konvekta with air conditioners that are ahead of other solutions are powerful brands, and this is not even half of the list of our partners.

Value-Added Reseller

However, Drabpol is not an ordinary distributor of components. Our approach is focused on helping the customer, which is why we define ourselves as a VAR (Value-Added Reseller) company. Cooperation with us is not limited to the supply of hardware or software, but also includes advice on the right choice, assistance in installation, use or configuration, as well as training and adapting products to specific requirements. Each product has dedicated support engineers who provide assistance at the highest level.